Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wood Working Project

Long ago, maybe even a decade ago, Bob made a couple of wooden holders for the entrance hall of the cottage. One is for our paddles and one for fishing gear. He did a great job but he wanted them to be even more special so he did not do any finishing coats on the projects.

He had a drawing for the longest time that he thought would look great wood burned on the paddle one. It took a little while but the holder is now beautiful and and very detailed. He has a talent for wood burning! Here he is putting a stain and seal in a rich color called "Olde Maple" over the wood burned project. I kind of don't want to put the paddles back on and block the view of the wood-burning.

The next project will be to finish off the fishing rod holder.

The paddle holder is back on the wall and doing it's job.

Great details in the wood-burning!

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