Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Corner of the Kitchen

My kitchen at the lake is full of my little treasures. I kind of have a thing for dishes and ceramics and here we have a mix of all sorts of things to make me happy.

I should start with the fact that 20 years ago Bob designed and built these great dark blue shelves. We started out looking at cupboards but decided the open look was best and Bob created the supports and worked hard rounding out the shelves. It was an early woodworking project for him and he learned a lot doing it. I still love them.

  • The top shelf has an old brown coffee/cocoa set that was left at the cottage by the former owners. We mainly use it in the spring and fall when nothing quite warms you like hot cocoa by the fireplace. Next is a collection of wineglasses- some 50 years old from my parents house and some brand new. The great blue canisters are only a few years old and hold our sugar, brown sugar, tea, coffee and spaghetti. Below that is a cheap but pretty tin plate that is just perfect for butter tarts! That dark blue tea pot and mugs got a lot of use this year because I like multiple cups of tea in the morning while Bob nurses along his mug of coffee. The cow creamer was my grandma's.

  • The green ceramic canister is my Mother's mother's "Cookie Bucket". It is peeked into a lot by people with very hopeful expressions. The tan container I have cooking utensils in was my mom's crock for making pickles. The bean pot ... is full of cookie cutters at the moment.

  • More stuff I love on the adjoining wall. Old canisters, baskets, Italian ceramic pots, lots of Onion soup bowls. The wall displays a couple of other strange things; signs from dollarama last year, a copper rubbing I made when I was about 6 years old, a reindeer bell, and cookie cutters I really like.

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