Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Lake Bedroom

My bed pillow out on the porch

Last year we decided it was time to brighten up our bedroom at the cottage. The walls were old and yucky - brown fake woodgrain 70's style press board paneling. A paint job did wonders. It is so much brighter and happier a place now and I even find it a more relaxing place to be. We bought a new quilt set in fresh colors, and I sewed window drapes and a fabric cover for the closet opening out of a nice sage green color.

The old dresser and a few special things

Bob's parents old anniversary clock, glass candlesticks I got as a present years ago, and a picture of trolls my daughter brought back to us from Norway this year.

Sea glass glows in the light

I have sea glass in an old rose bowl on our window sill behind the bed.
We actually have a tea light in the middle of it and it gives off such a great glow at night.

Bob's side of the bed

Yes, really, I can't sleep if we change sides.
We have just put new pictures on the wall with photos of our family at the cottage. It was hard to decide on only a few favorites to frame.

Linda's side of the bed

We are trying out 3 larger frames on the wall and soon we are going to pick out some large pictures of berries found growing on the island. We are going to get rid of the existing matting and cut a matt with only one picture per frame. How to pick just three photos? Decisions, decisions.

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