Thursday, October 12, 2017

Herb Harvest

The nights are getting so cold and the days are not too much better. Time to  clean up out little garden bed and pick our almost non existent harvest. Perhaps we will do better next year. We enjoyed watching the herbs grew and we used them in our cooking through the summer and will dry these bundles for use over the winter.

Fall at our Mainland Dock

Our old, but much loved pontoon boat was parked at our mainland dock beside that gorgeous birch tree. The boat is not much of a pleasure boat for us. We use it as transportation on the lake and it is our workhorse carrying building materials, our supplies, the odd plant and us! It is pretty beat up with cracking upholstery and unraveling carpets but it keeps on going for us.
When it tied to the island dock it is a great spot to sit and read on a sunny day.

Beautiful Fall

I love these pictures of Emily and Alicia with Jasper our dog. It was a fantastic fall day and when I saw them walking out on the dock I just had to grab my camera.
How do you love Jasper standing proud in his Life Jacket?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sunset on the prairie

I am always sad to leave the cottage but sunset views on our way home make it all a little easier.

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