Sunday, May 17, 2015

Arriving at the cottage

When we approach the cottage we slow down and do a little bit of maneuvering to get lined up at our island dock. I must admit my heart does a bit of a pit-a-pat when we get near, I love this view of the island and the cottage.  Maybe it is not because of the look of this spot but more the memories it evokes.
See that white building? That is the cottage peaking out from the trees.
 There is  Ol' Blue.. our old boat taking up one spot on our dock. You can see Bob's flag and flag pole by the dock and the ladder coming down from the dock when we can climb down for a little swim or to catch crayfish. The huge rock out front of the cottage is a pretty amazing feature too.  There are enough levels and layers that it is easy to climb down to the water and when you reach the water you realize there are more layers hidden under the surface just right for wading.
You can see the shore line behind the dock wrap over to a rock wall that is part of the reason our dock is in such a nice calm tiny little harbour.  You can see sensational views of the lake from the top of that rocky out cropping.
This is the point of our trip to the lake when I have a sense of coming home. 

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