Sunday, July 27, 2014

A New Light Fixture

We have never liked the original lighting fixture that was located over the pass through counter of our kitchen. We finally found something we could agree on at IKEA but it turned out to be the ultimate IKEA Hack. The light would not hook up to our unusual cottage electrical system, and besides that normal Ikea light bulbs, even though they are very energy efficient, drew too much power to light up.
The light is supposed to hang way down and the space is much too small for the lamps design so we umm...  rearranged it. Poor long suffering Bob made it work. It is amazing how Bob can find a creative solution to any problem.
We are even going to change it to a dimmer switch so we can have bright task lighting when needed, or perhaps a little mood lighting.
The IKEA Kroby Pendant Lamp started off like the picture below and is a great product.

The fact is that our Island Cottage is mainly solar powered and designed for minimal energy usage. This creates a lot of challenges that we take pleasure in solving.

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