Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reviewing the "To Do" List



It is so easy to forget about what has been done when you are busy focusing on the new tasks that are ahead of you. A review of this years accomplishments seems like a good idea.

Porch  Fix Up

1) porch floor was treated with preservative

2) new laminate flooring was put down

3) quarter-round put down

4) trim painted 

5) layer of sealant put over that laminate in hopes of sealing the joints

6) tablecloths from green oilcloth  for the 2 porch tables

7) new furniture for the porch.

8) new green pots for plants

9) drape experiments. fabrics and hooks

10 more twinkle lights to light up the night 

11) sanded the old folding rocking chair



12) laminate flooring installed and even added the quarter round

13) bathroom cupboard opened up 

14) replacement doors purchased from the Habitat Restore


Dock on Mainland

15) resurfaced the wood surface

16) ends preserved

17) new cleats (hardware to tie up the boat)

18) a metal sign with our name painted and attached

Dock on Island

19) repaired a couple of broken boards

20) power washed the island dock


Other Assorted Accomplishments

21) squirrels chased out of the attic space 

22) attic several holes sealed to keep out that squirrel

23) sealed cracks in the main room floor to keep the mosquitoes out

24) photos on the wall in our bedroom at long last.

25) Bob built a "books and more" shelf for the living room 

26) first coat of stain on the shelves

27) killed poison ivy, like usual

28) sorted and took home tools not used at the lake

29) made candles with Emily

30) made a sand castle shaped cake

31) tried lots of camp cooking recipes with Alicia

    ........ and played with grandchildren

         ........ and took lots of pictures

                          ......... and planned for next year

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